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Про Paypal и ВТБ24
Фабула - Пайпал стал проводить транзакции без cvc/cvv кода, а ВТБ24 по регламенту не может проводить транзакции без использования трехзначного кода.

Dear Dmitry Alekperov,

Thank you for contacting PayPal. I will be happy to assist you further with
your questions.

Please be advised that we have received many contacts regarding this issue.
We know that for sure Russian banks have started using additional security
checks. Changes in the financial sector now require PayPal to provide the
CVC or CVV2 code in order to get authorization from your bank to complete
the payment for every individual transaction. To date we have had in place
an agreement with European banks ensuring we do not need to send the
security code each time. We are in contact with your Local Financial
Authorities and we are continuously in talks to rectify the issue that has
arisen due to changes in security precautions with your card issuer.

Please be advised that to be able send money with your card you should
contact your bank and ask them to disable CVV2 protection to allow you to
use card within PayPal system. This customer support centre you are
contacting is currently relying on our technicians to solve the problem.

We are working around the clock to rectify this issue with the local
financial authorities. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience
caused at this time in regards to your payments being denied by your card

If you have any further questions or queries at this time in relation to
this issue once again or in regards to another query, please do not
hesitate to contact PayPal once again for further assistance.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Copyright © 1999-2010 PayPal. All rights reserved.

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.
Société en Commandite par Actions
Registered Office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg
RCS Luxembourg B 118 349

Original Message Follows:
Form Message
customer subject: Please use a supported language when contacting us.
customer message: Have you received your PayPal Expanded Use Number?: 'no'
Last # digits of your credit card number: '####'
Case or claim or dispute ID: 'Problem with card verification'
Additional Information: 'I can't confirm my debet card. Bank support
explained to me, that it's because of confirmation transaction was made
without using of CVC code. But I entered cvc code while adding card to my
account and I don't understand, why verifying transactions are making
without of cvc code. Can you help me with it?'
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From: vm_lj Date: Апрель, 6, 2010 17:11 (UTC) (Ссылка)
у ВТБ24 есть спец "виртуальная" карта, в кот. если не указан cvc, то его не проверяют
p_e_r_i_c_h From: p_e_r_i_c_h Date: Апрель, 6, 2010 18:44 (UTC) (Ссылка)
хм, надо будет узнать у них, может что-то изменилось, потому что я помню, что я у них делал мастеркард виртуал, и свс-код там был. После неё я собсно завел визу классик для исключения проблем с безналичной оплатой.
From: vm_lj Date: Апрель, 6, 2010 18:54 (UTC) (Ссылка)
там есть этот код, но в базе на стороне банка алгоритм, как я понимаю, такой:
1. предоставили код? если совпадает и достаточно денег - подтвердить
2. не предоставили код? если достаточно денег - подтвердить

правда именно с paypal эта карта не работала у меня (а для амазона, где не было поля для ввода cvc, - работала)
p_e_r_i_c_h From: p_e_r_i_c_h Date: Апрель, 7, 2010 05:11 (UTC) (Ссылка)
ну вот а когда я разговаривал с суппортом втб24, они мне сказали, что они без свс-кода транзакции не пропускают по регламенту. Ну в общем не пайпалом единым живы, слава богу
From: vm_lj Date: Апрель, 7, 2010 09:59 (UTC) (Ссылка)
в общем, читайте втб24 visa e-card
p_e_r_i_c_h From: p_e_r_i_c_h Date: Апрель, 7, 2010 10:26 (UTC) (Ссылка)
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